That Girl in Your Head

There was a lightning bolt tattooed on her tongue
About to strike you might say
To make any dick she licked hyper electric
She was a manic dream girl
Before there was a prototype
Scar tissue and issues and candy coated Prozac
Pulling dyed wild hair over one eye
She writes songs about the weather
She plays the the banjo in her thong and bandeau
Knee high socks and blow jobs in the bathroom
There was a girl, she looked like me
She changed her clothes now she’s some kind of fascinating
Drinks coconut water, through a straw
Likes Mad Dog and 20/20 hindsight vision
They say collision is a cataclysm
Headlights off in the pouring rain
She plays catch me if you can
There’s a bench with her name
Etched in the granite back
She liked it like that
Black marks on white skin
Living in sin, planting lilies in December frost
And they said she’d go on like that
Pulling weeds in her bedroom at 4AM
She was a flash bulb burning
Ambulance screaming
A yearbook quote 10 years after the fact
Someone said ‘She’s the girl in my head’
They all drank their cocktails, they spoke her name
He still sits by her stone soul when the clouds change
But like the words on her ribs,
The song remains the same


Faith In the Face of Fiction

You were screaming
you were bleeding
some lamb at the slaughter
placed face down
on the bed tied with nylon
waiting to be taken
You don’t feel anything at all
kneeling for redemption
supplication and abduction
self flagellation
leather on your lips
you deserve this
Having visions again of fingers
walking your spine
wondering if you ever had a choice
or if you were born for moments
of masochism and madness
if today was just another reason
to wake up to watch the sunset
if the burning bushes were a trick
of the light
If Moses was a prophet
maybe he just wanted something to believe
needed the stories to make him see
the leaves for the trees
like you and the needles
Will they tell you how it ends
does it just take one hand or two
looking up you see God
in the eyes of a black mask
sometimes the saints and saviors
are the murders and sinners