Final Countdown

There you go in Pontiacs
That still have tape decks
Listening to that Beck song
The one you used to fuck to

Her. Legs. On. Your. Shoulders.

Forget the space shuttle crash
Drinking vodka and orange juice
Losing your virginity to someone
Whose name now has an epitaph

Headstone. With. The. Marble. Angel.

Walking away in the rain
While she calls out your name
She’s got something inside
You’re too scared to look back

Dead. Before. Day. Number. One

They said happiness was a state of mind
Looking for it in bottles with colored labels
In between her thighs you place your tongue
You have failed them all again

This. Is. The. Final. Countdown.


Love in Wires

I feel the sickness of the stitches
Pulling at my belly
Where they took it out of me
Where I used to be
Now there’s only bits of cyber fragment
Circuits computing my cellular level
Will I love or leave
Raise my hand or drink from the glass
Marked poison
Someone wrote a code for me
In lines of binary
To keep me from fucking up
From fucking those
I don’t know
I will keep my laser eyes
Trained on simple happy faces
Say grace with the good girls
When I kneel beside my white sheets
In my white room
I will know there is nothing
I will calculate the tiles
Count the quarter beats
Instead of hearing the melodies
There’s just a scar
To remind me what a feeling was
I fall in love with fraying wires
Sparks just so I know I’m alive
A good little guinea pig
A perfect experiment of bad girl
Gone cybernetic
I’m pretty just because
That’s the way I was programmed