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Skinny Toes

well maybe it was a starry night.

we rolled with the punches

 waves of owls calling our bluffs

 in the treetops.

hoot and holler.

you loved me

 because i could drink straight well whiskey,

 and champagne.

 i had a bra that undid in the front.

 in a truck bed,

 might as well have been the ritz.

 we all out last our fondest memories

 of eachother.

skinny toes,

stolen zippo.

a trumpet at night singing



About deadendemily

Emily lives in Austin, TX. She has a minor in chaos and a major in spray paint. She likes Vincent Price and ABBA. She enjoys being covered in fake blood and writing horror stories. Most of the time she just hopes that her cat is not plotting to murder her, her cat being a minion of Satan and all. They would never suspect the cat.

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